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bet u cant beat me in skate....

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I do it for me,
Brooklyn, NY.
avid Canon user
--Enjoy life, and skate alittle more..

why wear a cross on your clothing..

w/o it stating you love or worship god.

fashion/media is desensitizing us and the youth as a whole.

You wear a cross on your jacket..or your shirt..because you think it looks cool …

you wear an upside down cross because you think it looks swell..interpret it however you may..we all know what it means :l..

Had a talk with some roommates..they said people have different interpretations of things..but come on :l we know the real meaning of an upside down cross….-___-….nd dont tell me its Simon’s cross because..today’s meaning>

im not the most religious person in the world…but im not dumb :l

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